because im a lady, thats why!

Your name is NEPETA LEIJON, and you've got 8 lives left.

[[Trollian: arsenicCatalyst]]

[[M!A Status: N/A]]
D —> Happy wriggling day

:33 < thank you!!


:33 < thank you!

happy wriiggliing day np

:33 < aw, thanks sollux! :33

:33 < happy wriggling day to

:33 < me!!!


D —> Regardless 

D —> I harbor no STRONG desire to celebrate my own 

:33 < thats fine! ill just give you smewches then


D —> Technically, it is no longer 

D —> What of your own day 

:33 < shush with your technicalities, mister, neither of us has slept yet so it still counts


D —> We can 

D —> If you wish it so 

:33 < no, silly, its YOUR wriggling day!


:33 < do YOU? :OO

D —> Not particularly, no

:33 < well thats fine, then, we certainly dont have to

:33 < muah! :**


:33 < theres one thats pink and yellow, one thats gr33n and blue and purrple, and then another one thats some kind of orangey color that rose had too much of :oo

i wwant pink and yelloww 

i already havve too many purple and blue ones and orange sucks

:33 < okie dokie! :33